How To Show FPS In Overwatch 2

How to Show FPS in Overwatch 2


Are you looking to show FPS in Overwatch 2?


Is the FPS not showing or working in the game?

Overwatch 2 was released on October 4, 2022.

Since its release, the game has had multiple known issues.

Some of the known issues are server disconnection, cosmetics, items, currency not showing up, and others.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to show FPS in Overwatch 2 for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox.

Can you show FPS in Overwatch 2?
How to show FPS in Overwatch 2

Can you show FPS in Overwatch 2?

Yes, you can show FPS in Overwatch 2 along with other performance stats like GPU temperature, VRAM Usage, and more.

FPS in Overwatch 2 is short for frames per second.

FPS determines how smoothly the game will run.

In most cases, the higher the FPS, the smoother the game will run.

However, if your monitor or GPU does not support the FPS, it’ll cause screen tearing.

To avoid this, you can enable “Vsync” in your settings.

Enabling “Vsync” will sync your monitor’s refresh rate with your GPU.

This will prevent the FPS from getting out of hand.

How to show FPS in Overwatch 2

To show FPS in Overwatch 2, you need to go to your video settings under “Details”.

Once you’re there, turn on “Display Performance Stats” and “Show Framerate”.

After you’ve turned on both options, you’ll be able to see your FPS in-game at the top left of your screen.

Here’s how to do this:

Launch Overwatch 2 > Esc > Options.
Video > Details.
Turn on “Display Performance Stats”.
Turn on “Show Framerate”.

Do note that you can only see your FPS while you’re playing a match.

You won’t be able to see it in the main menu or the settings page.

You can go to the practice range in the training mode to monitor your FPS.

If you’re experiencing lag, screen tearing, or freezing, you need to lower your FPS.

You can do so by going to your video settings > Frame Rate > Custom > Desired Frame Rate.

Instead of 60 FPS, you can reduce it to 50, 40, or 30.

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