What Does Rizz TikTok Mean?
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What Does Rizz TikTok Mean?


rizz tiktok, The word/slang “Rizz” has surged in popularity on TikTok.


Thousands of TikTok users use the word in their videos and its variations.

Its variations include “Unspoken Rizz”, “Rizz God”, “W Rizz”, and many others.

The word is so popular that it got over 2 billion views on TikTok (#rizz).

In this article, you’ll learn what Rizz TikTok means, how to use it, and where it came from (its origin).

What does Rizz mean on TikTok?
Where did Rizz come from?

What does Rizz mean on TikTok?

Rizz on TikTok means either using your communication skills, confidence, and personality (or all 3) to attract women.

Someone with Rizz is typically persuasive, exudes confidence, and is charming.

It’s about working with what you have and using them as an advantage.

Whether you’re rich, poor, attractive, or ugly, having Rizz allows you to get any woman you want.

Rizz is similar to the slang, “Game”, where having “Game” means that you have the skill to do something well (particularly getting girls).

A recent trend on TikTok showcases text messages sent from guys to girls that display Rizz.

Another trend showcases guys (and girls) touching the arm and then pushing up the chin of the opposite sex, which is meant to be a flirty gesture.

The most popular video of this trend was posted by @yannytran1 and got over 23 million views and 3 million likes.

There’s also a trend that compares one’s Rizz in one category to another category.

Here’s an example, “My Rizz with girls that I like vs. My Rizz with girls that I don’t want”—with the latter being successful.

Where did Rizz come from?

Rizz is a slang created by YouTuber and Twitch streamer, Kai Cenat.

In a No Jumper podcast, Kai explains the definition of Rizz.

“Rizz started with me and a few of my friends from back home”.

“So let me define it for you. Unspoken Rizz is like where you’re attractive and you don’t need to say anything to get girls”.

“That’s not Rizz at all. Rizz is when you’re talking to a girl and at first, it was not going your way”.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen, it’s looking terrible for you until you’re Rizzin’ them up until like hold on—it’s starting to go in your way”.

“It’s like going from a dead end to where you’re so sweet with your words and what you’re saying to where the girl is like—let me talk to him”.

Kai has over 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube and he’s one of the most popular Twitch streamers with over 2.6 million followers.





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