How To Get Nth Metal In Gotham Knights

How to Get Nth Metal in Gotham Knights


In Gotham Knights, Batman is dead and a new large, criminal underworld has taken over Gotham City.


It’s now up to the Batman Family top protect Gotham, save its citizens, instill discipline in its cops, and fear its criminals.

The 4 knights are Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin.

In the game, you can solve mysteries that link the city’s history and defeat powerful villains.

Some quests and objectives like getting Nth metal are hard to complete because their hints can be vague.

It’s an open-world, action RPG set in a dynamic and interactive Gotham City.

You can play solo or co-op mode and stop criminal activity when you find it.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to farm or get Nth metal in Gotham Knights.

How to get Nth metal in Gotham Knights

To get Nth Metal in Gotham Knights, you need to examine the cache locations and complete very high-difficulty activities.

The 5 cache locations are at Southside, Financial District, Old Gotham, New Gotham, and North Gotham.

When you’re near a cache, Alfred will say, “Interesting. There’s an energy signature here that is abnormal. You may find something in the area”.

Examining caches will reward you with Nth metal and other materials.

Completing very high-difficulty activities and defeating the most wanted enemies will also reward you with Nth metal.

Location 1: Southside


Southside, near Ocran Chemicals (examine the cache).

Location 2: Financial District


In the Financial District, northeast of Blackgate Island (examine the cache).

Location 3: Old Gotham


In Old Gotham, southeast (examine the cache).

Location 4: New Gotham


In New Gotham, east of Otisburg (examine the cache).

Location 5: North Gotham


In North Gotham, south of Gotham City University (examine the cache).

Bonus: Complete very high-difficulty activities


Complete very high-difficulty activities.
Defeat the most wanted enemies.

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