What Are Near NFTs? – Best Near NFTs Marketplace 2022

What are Near NFTs? – Best Near NFTs Marketplace 2022


What are Near NFTs? – Best Near NFTs Marketplace 2022

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Near Nfts.


Guide on Near Nfts.

  • NEAR Protocol is one of the leading blockchains that uses a combination of delegated Proof-of-Stake and sharding to achieve fast, efficient and secure transactions.
  • The NEAR ecosystem has seen an immense amount of activity around NFTs in the first half of 2022 and there is reason to believe that this is only the beginning of an incredibly active space.
  • We’ve put together a list of the 6 best NEAR NFT marketplaces on the market:
    • Paras
    • Mintbase
    • UniqArt
    • Apollo42
    • Few and Far
    • Seatlab

Since they were first introduced in 2020, NFTs have been buzzing in the cryptocurrency space. Since then, the NFT markets have increased exponentially in sales and interest, with several investors attracted to the vast use cases attached to the NFT industry.


NFTs are a new solution to many issues associated with digital ownership and compensation of intellectual properties in the digital space. The rise of NFTs was especially attractive to artists and gamers, who could finally gain the value they deserved for their hard work.

These NFTs would represent digital ownership in the blockchain, but not only that, NFTs would be a gateway into the world of Web3 with more ownership over digital avatars, real estate, etc.

Although NFTs have been buzzing for a while in the industry, an impending issue with the use and creation of NFTs is the high fees required to create and mint an NFT. This is primarily because of the high gas fees associated with the Ethereum network, largely due to network congestion.

The Ethereum network is known for its high gas fees, which are a result of network congestion, making it quite expensive for creators to create and mint their NFT collections.

However, this is where NEAR NFTs might be the solution.


What is NEAR NFTs? 

For the longest time since NFTs were introduced and began to gain buzz in the cryptocurrency industry, NFT creators have had to pay quite expensive fees to mint their collections. The high gas fees have made it quite a problem for other creative art creators to access the vast possibilities of the blockchain world through NFTs.

NEAR NFTs are non-fungible tokens minted on the NEAR protocol that are cheaper and easier to acquire, making it more affordable for Web3 builders as well as NFT creators to create their collections.


Aside from NFT creators, Web3 builders also build projects which require NFTs, and the high gas fees usually serve as a barrier to what can be done. The development of Near NFTs intends to solve this problem for builders and NFT creators by reducing the barrier to entry for these builders and creators.

The most widely used blockchain for minting NFTs was the Ethereum blockchain, which remains so. However, since the beginning of 2022, there has been an inflow of NFT activities on the near blockchain, with creators switching to the NEAR protocol to build their projects.

The Near blockchain uses a combination of delegated proof of stake and sharding that helps to achieve fast, efficient, and low-cost transactions. With the introduction of NEAR NFTs, creators can build more sustainable, efficient, and low-cost projects.

Top Near NFTs marketplace 

The Near protocol makes it possible for web3 builders and creators to leverage easy-to-use and affordable blockchain to create sustainable NFT platforms.

Some of the best marketplaces where near NFTs can be traded include

  1. Paras

This seems to be one of the most popular NEAR NFT marketplaces right now. It has a lot of different features that can be found in most NFT marketplaces, except that, in this case, traders can buy and sell NFTs built on the near protocol.

Paras provides a marketplace where NFT traders can buy, sell, and discover beautiful and creative NFT art created on the NEAR protocol.

Features include:

  • Various listing options
  • Creator royalties
  • IPFS support
  • Buyer & seller rankings
  • Detailed analytics & project rankings
  • Dedicated platform for Comics
  • Native $PARAS token incl. staking
  • Public API
  • 5% Service fee


2. Naksh.org

This is a very unique NFT marketplace built on the NEAR protocol that is unlike other NFT marketplaces. Naksh is an Indian NFT marketplace that showcases artworks done and created by some of the best Indian artists and artisans.

It is not just any NFT marketplace but creates a community where creators can communicate with other Indian creators, showcasing artworks from both famous and non-famous Indian artists in traditional and digital mediums.

3. Mintbase.io

This is one of the most innovative NFT marketplaces on the NEAR protocol. Mintbase.io gives creators the chance to create and mint their NFTs on the near blockchain, and also add miners.

After creating an account with Mintbasse, users are allowed access to smart contracts on the platform, which can add several miners.

Mintbase can be used to sell music, art, membership access, concert tickets, etc.

Features include:

  • Minting tools
  • Smart contract tools
  • Dedicated Mintbase DAO
  • Public API
  • 2.5% service fee


What is Near NFTs wallet?

The NEAR wallet is a noncustodial wallet built on the NEAR protocol to further ensure decentralization, security, and ease of use among the NEAR community.

The NEAR community plans on further enhancing the security and decentralization of the NEAR protocol while increasing usability. In light of that, NEAR is transitioning from its previous wallet, wallet.near.org, to a landing page connecting users to multiple wallets.

This implies that wallet.near.org will now serve as a landing page after a successful transition where users can select a variety of Near supported wallets using the Wallet Selector function.

Where to Buy Near NFTs?

NEAR is building a sustainable, decentralized, and scalable blockchain solution for NFT artists and creators to fully explore the possibilities of blockchain technology without paying highly extortionate fees.

These NFTs can be accessed by buyers and sellers on different NFT marketplaces supported by the NEAR protocol, such as

  • Mintbase.io
  • Paras
  • Naksh

Near NFTs Projects 

Due to the high value that the NEAR protocol is bringing into the NFTs ecosystem, several creators and artists have begun building on the NEAR protocol. These near NFT projects range from music, artists, creators, etc.

The NEAR protocol makes it possible for easy remission of royalties for NFTs minted on the protocol. These royalties are written into the NFT code, allowing the creators and artists to earn from secondary sales even if the NFT is moved to another marketplace.

Some of the near NFTs projects include:

  • Npunks
  • Hip-Hop Heads
  • Near Misfits
  • NEARNauts

Conclusion on Near NFTs

The NEAR ecosystem is expanding quickly within the blockchain space, providing solutions to some of the problems experienced in the blockchain. The introduction of near NFTs is indeed an innovation to reduce the entry barrier for NFTS creators and builders into the blockchain ecosystem.

The NEAR protocol has great plans to improve the structures and transaction efficiency of Web3, which is why the introduction of Near NFTs is projected to scale over 10 million users at once on its platform while still performing fast and efficient transactions on the blockchain.

We hope you learned What are Near NFTs? – Best Near NFTs Marketplace 2022. Use the comments section below, if you have questions.

Having looked at the NFT ecosystem for NEAR Protocol, we can assure you that it is buzzing.

A lot of stuff is happening in this space and I’m sure we’ll see many more NEAR NFT marketplaces in 12 months’ time.

NFTs aside, after seeing what people are building, it definitely makes me want to buy some NEAR for my portfolio.



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