Huggins Location In Tower Of Fantasy

Huggins Location in Tower of Fantasy


Tower of Fantasy released a 2.0-update that contains new features and bug fixes.


There’s a new map named “Vera Sector” that includes a cyberpunk city.

One of the bosses in the new update is Wildwalker Huggins, which is on the list of targets.

The level cap is increased to level 80, there’s a new story, new Simulacrum Ruby, and Ruby’s matrix.

Unlock a new piece of new equipment called “Combat Engine” and new instanced including “End Game” and “Sadness Valley”.

There are also two new events called “A Fresh Start” and “Stellarway Restart”.

You can claim your compensation rewards from your inbox.

The rewards are Dark Crystals, Vitality Solutions, a Sex Change Card, and more.

In this guide, you’ll learn the location of Wildwalker Huggins in Tower of Fantasy (list of targets).

Huggins Location in Tower of Fantasy


The location of Huggins in Tower of Fantasy is in Slater Canyon.

The coordinates of the boss are near -580.1 and -497.0.

You can find Huggins roaming around the area and there are other smaller beasts nearby.

Huggins is a large, 4-legged beast that looks like a fox.

If you manage to defeat it, you’ll get the “Huggins” achievement.

If the boss is not there, try changing your channel to a less crowded one.

To defeat it, the recommended weapon level is level 140 and you need to enhance or advance your equipment to boost your abilities.




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