How To Get Overwatch Coins For Free In Overwatch 2

How to Get Overwatch Coins for Free in Overwatch 2


The Premium Battle Pass in Overwatch 2 can be purchased with 1,000 Overwatch Coins.


Coins can be purchased using real money, but there is a way to earn them for free.

Overwatch 2 was released on October 4, 2022.

Since its release, the game has had multiple known issues.

Some of the known issues are server disconnection, cosmetics, items, currency not showing up, and others.

In this guide, you’ll learn what are Overwatch Coins and how to get them for free in Overwatch 2.

What are Overwatch Coins?
How to get Overwatch Coins for free in Overwatch 2

What are Overwatch Coins?

Overwatch Coins are in-game currency in Overwatch 2 that can be used for multiple things.

You can use them to buy the Premium Battle Pass, cosmetics, and skins to customize your heroes.

With the Premium Battle Pass, you can unlock Legendary and Mythic rewards.

Free rewards are displayed as “Free” while premium rewards are displayed as “Premium”.

You can purchase 500 Overwatch Coins for $4.99 USD.

How to get Overwatch Coins for free in Overwatch 2

To get Overwatch Coins for free in Overwatch 2, you need to complete the weekly challenges.

For example, if you complete 4 weekly challenges, you’ll get 30 Overwatch Coins.

If you complete 8 weekly challenges, you’ll get 20 Overwatch Coins.

To access your weekly challenges, go to the Main Menu > Challenges > Weekly.

You’ll see a list of challenges that you can complete.

An example of a challenge is to “Win 10 games”.

Another example of a challenge is to “Win 7 games in any Arcade mode”.

You can only earn a maximum of 60 Overwatch Coins per week because there are only 11 weekly challenges.

This means that it’ll take you 17 weeks (4 months) to get 1,000 Coins to get the Premium Battle Pass for free.

Here’s the calculation for it: 1,000/60 = 16.6666666667 ≈ 17 weeks ≈ 4 months.

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