How To Fix System Overload In Logic Pro X

How to Fix System Overload in Logic Pro X


To fix system overload in Logic Pro X, you need to try increasing the I/O buffer size or bounce tracks in place.


You can also try changing the sample rate of a track and freezing your tracks.

If you have too many plugins, you should try deleting or using lesser plugins.

System Overload in Logic Pro X occurs when your Mac does not have enough processing power to either play back or record audio.

Having a Logic Pro X project with many audio tracks, plug-ins, and software instruments may cause a System Overload alert to appear.

The System Overload alert will cause interruptions during playback or recording.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to Fix System Overload in Logic Pro X.

Increase the I/O Buffer Size
Bounce Tracks in Place
Change the Sample Rate of a Track
Freeze your Tracks

1. Increase the I/O Buffer Size

Click on “Logic Pro” at the top left hand of your screen next to the Apple logo.
Click on “Preferences”.
Click on “Audio”.
Select the drop-down menu for “I/O Buffer Size.
Increase the sample rate to the maximum “1024”.
Finally, click “Apply”.

2. Bounce Tracks in Place

Right click the track you would like to bounce.
Select on “Bounce and Join” in the drop-down menu.
Select “Bounce in Place”.

A Menu titled “Bounce Regions in Place” will show up.
Name your track, and then click on “OK”.
Finally, you will see the bounced track below your selected track.

3. Change the Sample Rate of a Track

Click the arrow on the rightmost side of the Control Bar.
Click on “Custom” in the drop-down menu.
Click the arrow again on the rightmost side of the Control Bar.
Afterwhich, click on “Customize Control Bar and Display”.
Click and check the “Sample Rate or Punch Locators” box.
Once applied, choose your desired sample rate from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz.

4. Freeze your Tracks

Hold down “Option” on your keyboard and press “t”.
Click on “Freeze”.
Click on the “Snowflake” symbol on the track.
It will then take time to load, once it is done, the track will be frozen.

In conclusion, you could either use all of these methods or just one of them to help with System Overload in Logic Pro X.

Since having too many plugins might cause problems with your CPU’s processing power, you could also try using lesser plugins to help with this issue.



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