How To Fix Error Code BLZBNTAGT00000960 On

How to Fix Error Code BLZBNTAGT00000960 on


Are you getting the error code BLZBNTAGT00000960 on


Here’s the description of the error, “Oops, something is broken. Try restarting the app”.

The error code can happen when you’re trying to launch a game like Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone. is the official desktop app for Blizzard games.

Since its release, the app has had multiple known issues.

Some of the known issues are error codes, failed automatic updates, and more.

In this guide, you’ll learn what is error code BLZBNTAGT00000960 on and how to fix it for games like MW2 or Warzone.

What is error code BLZBNTAGT00000960?
How to fix error code BLZBNTAGT00000960 on

What is error code BLZBNTAGT00000960?

Error code BLZBNTAGT00000960 means that you didn’t allow to install updates for games.

It can also be due to a software conflict, antivirus block, or outdated drivers.

There are multiple complaints about the error code on Twitter and the Blizzard forums.

“@ATVI_AB @ATVIAssist I can’t play Call of Duty: Warzone because there’s an error “Whoops! Looks like something broke” code BLZBNTAGT00000960″.

“I can’t even download warzone due to an error code Blzbntagt00000960 #Warzone”.

How to fix error code BLZBNTAGT00000960 on

To fix the error code BLZBNTAGT00000960 on, you can try changing your region or running as an administrator.

You can also try updating your drivers or uninstalling/disabling security programs.

Fix 1: Change your region

Launch the desktop app.
Select the game that you want to launch.
Click on the globe icon and change your region.
Launch the game.

Source: Blizzard Support Article ID: 303479

Fix 2: Run as an administrator

Right-click the desktop app.
Select Properties > Compatibility.
Turn on “Run this program as an administrator.
Select Apply > OK.
Launch the game.

Source: Blizzard Support Article ID: 303479

Fix 3: Update your drivers

For Nvidia: Visit > Download Now > open the app > sign up or log in > Drivers > Download.
For AMD: Visit > Download > open the app > follow the on-screen instructions to update your graphics card.
Search for “Check for updates” using Windows Search > update Windows to the latest version.

Source: Blizzard Support Article ID: 303479

Fix 4: Uninstall or disable security programs

Run Windows Security > Virus & threat protection > Virus & threat protection settings > Manage settings > Real-time protection > Off.

Source: Blizzard Support Article ID: 303479

Fix 5: Contact Blizzard support

Contact Blizzard support here:




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