How To Chop Samples In Logic Pro X

How to Chop Samples in Logic Pro X


To chop samples in Logic Pro X, you need to first import the audio into Logic’s Quick Sampler.

Next, select “Slice” and change the mode to “Beat Divisions”.

Lastly, record the sliced audio by pressing the keys either using a MIDI Keyboard or Logic’s Musical Typing.

Logic Pro is a MIDI sequencer and a DAW for macOS.

It has multiple software instruments, audio, and recording features for synthesizing music.

In addition, it has Apple Loops, which are professionally recorded loops and sound effects.


In this guide, you’ll learn how to slice or chop samples in Logic Pro X using Logic’s Sampler and the MIDI keyboard/Musical Typing.

Import the audio into Logic’s Sampler
Slice the audio
Recording the sliced audio

1. Import the audio into Logic’s Sampler

Open Logic Pro X.
Open either an existing project or a new one.
Drag and drop the audio into the grey space under the tracks (to import it).
Select “Quick Sampler (Original)”.

2. Slice the audio

Select “Slice” above the sampled audio.
Select “Beat Divisions” mode.

3. Recording the sliced audio

Play specific section(s) of the audio by pressing the specific note(s) on a MIDI keyboard/Musical Typing (e.g. C2).
Record it by pressing “r” while playing the MIDI keyboard/Musical Typing.

By pressing different notes on either a MIDI keyboard or on Logic’s “Musical Typing”, it will play out certain sections of the audio.

For example, if the note “C2” is pressed, only the section “C2” of the sliced audio will be played.

To change the division lengths, click and drag the yellow bar which is labeled “Divisions”.

To add new transient markers, click the center of the sampled waveform.

To remove a transient marker, double-click the top of the marker.

Finally, press “r” to record and play your sliced audio file with your keyboard.



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