How To Catch The Cat In Bayonetta 3

How to Catch the Cat in Bayonetta 3


Bayonetta 3 is an action game for Nintendo Switch that has multiple unique locations.


The Umbra Witch must face a strange evil by using her signature guns and time-slowing ability.

Utilize Bayonetta’s new ability called Demon Masquerade which channels the linked demon.

In addition, she can summon demonic darlings like Malphas and Gomorrah in battle.

The game has multiple quests, objectives, and weapons that you can unlock.

One of the objectives is to catch the cat for Umbran Blood Tears.

Fight in the mountains of China and in the streets of Tokyo.

Meet a virtual coven of Bayonettas, and slay as Viola, a witch with Cheshire as a companion.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to catch the cat in Bayonetta 3 for Umbran Blood Tears.

How to catch the cat in Bayonetta 3

To catch the cat in Bayonetta 3, you need to use the G-Pillar traversal skill and make sure to cut corners.

You can also catch the cat using the double tap of the R bumper (demon skill unlock, available for all weapons/demons).

Here’s how to do this:

The cat is too fast for the majority of demon masquerade forms.
G-Pillar is fast enough to catch the cat.
You need to use the G-Pillar traversal skill and cut corners.
When you touch the cat, you’ll automatically collect it.

The other two Umbran Blood Tears are the crow and the toad.

Collecting all Umbran Blood Tears will unlock the Alraune Demon and Alruna Weapon.



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