How To Fix Black Screen In FIFA 23

How to Fix Black Screen in FIFA 23


Are you experiencing a black screen in FIFA 23?


Or does anti-cheat start but close after a while and go back to the Origin app?

The black screen issue starts when you launch the game.

When you launch the game, it will get to the FIFA 23 loading screen.

After a few seconds, the screen will go black and nothing will happen.

Even if you wait for several minutes, the black screen will still persist.

Many users have tried reinstalling the game, restarting it, or reinstalling the anti-cheat program, but it does not fix the issue.

In this guide, you’ll learn why FIFA 23 shows a black screen and how to fix it.

Why is FIFA 23 showing a black screen
How to fix black screen in FIFA 23

Black Screen in FIFA 23
Black Screen in FIFA 23

Why is FIFA 23 showing a black screen?

FIFA 23 is showing a black screen because you’ve connected a racing wheel to your PC.

Apparently, there’s a bug in the game where the screen will go black if you have a racing wheel connected.

This includes the Thrustmaster and Logitech brands of racing wheels.

This is a known bug in the game which is yet to be fixed by the EA team.

Many users are complaining about the black screen issue on forums and Twitter.

“Every time I launch FIFA 23 through Origin, it goes through anti-cheat. A small black window appears for FIFA 23 and then after 5 seconds, the window closes and the game doesn’t start. I have tried multiple fixes such as launching the game as an administrator, reinstalling anti-cheat, and I’ve enabled secure boot”.

“When I launch FIFA 23, the game boots up into a small black screen and then closes itself, sending me back to Origin. There are no error messages of any kind”.

“I have almost the same issue except for the black window pop-up. Anti-cheat starts up briefly, closes, and then it takes me back to the Origin app as if nothing ever happened, no fifa23 game is starting”.

How to fix black screen in FIFA 23

To fix the black screen in FIFA 23, you need to unplug your racing wheel (e.g. Logitech, Thrustmaster).

You can also try updating your graphics card and relaunching the game.

Apparently, if you have a racing wheel connected to your PC, it will cause FIFA 23 to show a black screen.

This is due to a bug where the racing wheel has a conflict with the game.

The EA team is yet to fix the bug, so you need to disconnect your racing wheel as a temporary workaround.

If you’re still experiencing the black screen, you can contact EA support for help.

Fix 1: Unplug your racing wheel

Exit Origin, EA, Steam, and FIFA 23.
Disconnect your racing wheel from your PC (e.g., Logitech, Thrustmaster).
Relaunch FIFA 23 as an administrator.

Unplugging the racing wheel from your system is an odd fix, but many players claimed that it fixed the black screen.

“Try to unplug your wheel or other controllers, it just worked for me”.

“Unbelievable, but it was the solution, thank you!”.

Fix 2: Update your graphics card

For Nvidia: Go to > Download Now > open the app > sign up or log in > Drivers > Download.
For AMD: Go to > Download > open the app > follow the on-screen instructions to update your GPU.

Fix 3: Contact EA support

Contact EA support here: > FIFA 23 > select your platform > select the topic > select the issue > select a contact option > provide your information.
Send a direct message to EA support on Twitter here:

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