Best Graphics Settings For Modern Warfare 2

Best Graphics Settings for Modern Warfare 2


Are you looking for the best graphics settings for Modern Warfare 2?


Having good graphics/video settings will ensure a smooth in-game performance.

In addition, it’ll maximize your FPS and increase your visibility.

Modern Warfare 2 features an unparalleled worldwide conflict that returns the Task Force 141 Operators.

There are highly classified missions, infiltration tactical ops, and more.

Infinity Ward provides state-of-the-art gameplay with revamped gun handling, an advanced AI system, a new Gunsmith, and many other graphical innovations.

MW2 has multiple modes like a single-player campaign, multiplayer combat, and a co-op story special Ops experience.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best graphics settings (display, quality, view) for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) for Xbox, PS4, PS5, and PC.

Best graphics settings for Modern Warfare 2

The best graphics settings for Modern Warfare 2 are to set your FPS to meet your PC specs and reduce your quality settings to improve performance.

In addition, you need to increase your weapon, 3rd person, and vehicle field of view so that you can view the extreme right and left.

Display settings:

Display mode: Fullscreen exclusive
Display monitor: Default
Display adapter: Default
Screen refresh rate: Maximum
Display resolution: Default
Dynamic resolution: Off
Aspect ratio: Automatic
V-Sync [Gameplay]: Off
V-Sync [Menus]: Off
Custom frame rate limit: Custom
Gameplay custom frame rate limit: 60 for low-end, 120 for mid, and 160+ for high-end.
Menu custom frame rate limit: 60
Out-of-focus custom frame rate limit: 30

Quality settings:

Quality presets: Custom
Render resolution: 100
Upscaling / Sharpening: FIDELITYFX CAS
Anti-aliasing: FILMIC SMAA T2X
Anti-aliasing quality: Low
Video memory scale: 90
Texture resolution: Normal
Texture filter anisotropic: Low
Nearby level of detail: Low
Distant level of detail: Low
Clutter draw distance: Short
Particle quality level: Very low
Bullet impacts & sprays: Off
Shader quality: Low
Tessellation: Off
Terrain memory: Min
On-demand texture streaming: Off
Streaming quality: Low
Volumetric quality: Low
Deferred physics quality: Off
Water caustics: Off
Shadow map resolution: Very low
Screen space shadows: Off
Spot shadow quality: Low
Spot cache: Low
Particle lighting: Low
Ambient occlusion: Off
Screen space reflections: Off
Static reflection quality: Low
Weather grid volumes: Low
Nvidia reflex low latency: On + Boost
Depth of field: Off
World motion blur: Off
Weapon motion blur: Off
Film grain: 0.00

Note: The quality settings are deliberately lowered to increase performance and reduce lag.

View settings:

Field of view [FOV]: 100
Ads field of view: Affected
Weapon field of view: Wide
3rd person field of view: 90
Vehicle field of view: Wide
1st person camera movement: Least [50%]
3rd person camera movement: Least [50%]
3rd person ads transition: 3rd person ads
Default spectator camera: Game perspective.



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